Inspiring sports coaching for boys and girls aged 7-16


Coaching Roles

Below are the coaching roles we have for all Academies of Sport. If you are interested in applying, please click Apply Now which will take you to our online application form.

Sports Coach

Sports coaches will be required to:


  • Deliver excellent coaching sessions
  • Differentiate activities between age and ability
  • Provide challenging content
  • Ensure a safe learning environment
  • Communicate effectively with children and their parents/ guardians if required
  • Analyse performance and suggest areas of improvement
  • Have very good knowledge in all aspects of your sport (technical, tactical, physical and mental)
  • Show energy, a positive attitude and enthusiasm.


We are looking for individuals who have either coached or played to a high level in a specific sport and therefore have a range of experience, knowledge and understanding of their chosen sport. All coaches need to have all the skills required to deliver excellent structured coaching sessions where all children are learning, developing, being challenged and having fun.

This role will require a very good communicator, someone who is approachable, patient and above all passionate about their sport.



Lead Coach

The role of lead coach includes all of the skills and qualities required to be a specialist coach above with additional responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of Academies of Sport. Some of the additional responsibilities will include:

  • Early arrival on site, set up of meet and greet area
  • Make yourself familiar with the site, its facilities and staff you may need to liaise with
  • Risk assessment of all areas used and action if required
  • Responsible for all sign in/out of all children on the academy each day
  • Dialogue with parents/ guardians, answer any questions and being approachable
  • Ensure day timings are followed or managed.
  • Contact with head office- make aware of absent children, parent enquiry, and injury information
  • Equipment care throughout the academy and audit kit post final sign out.


Our Lead Coach may well be required to attend a half day of training prior to the Academy to learn about Academies of Sport policies, procedures and protocols.